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Honest reviews from our customers mean the world to us, and we’re thrilled with the positive results. Topping the list is a nearly perfect rating of 4.9 stars on Facebook. And on Google, where over 400 people have said what they think about us, we have a 4.6 star-rating. We’re smiling over Yelp and Tripadvisor results too.

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"This is located in the capitol of antiques in Michigan. It has three parts to the building and each one is full of items. The layout is setup with each vendor having stalls setup throughout the building. Prices are good and fair and everything looks great. There are bathrooms located to the right behind the checkout desk. Staff is very friendly and help open cases to look through. The building is very clean and well kept. Open from 10am-5pm everyday 7 days a week. (Unfortunately I only have a few photos from one booth. I will update with my next trip.)"

"A great experience looking around and visiting a peace of the past. Had a little bit of everything. Will be going back soon for another visit."

"We visit about twice a year, and never leave disappointed or empty handed. Excellent shop. Excellent staff. Today was super! Thank you!"

"My favorite antique mall. Literally acres of antiques and vintage items. Fair pricing always. They seem to have 10-40 percent off booths going on all the time. Very clean and friendly."

"I made it up and down every aisle and found must haves from end to end. A great place to explore."

"Went there on the weekend they hold the 600 mile yard sale. The whole day was fantastic. And that store was packed with all kinds of cool things. Beautiful jewelry and tons of collector antiques."

"I could walk through the store for days. Absolutely wonderful stuff. We were looking for something special for my m i l and we definitely found it at a great price. Multiple vendors make this store so unique and special. I cannot wait to go back here."

"I could literally spend HOURS in this store! I feel like every time I visit, I find something new! Very nice and helpful staff. If you purchase something bigger or a lot of stuff, they will help you to carry it to your vehicle and load it."

"Wide variety of antiques. Beautiful items. Nice and big, just the way I like an antique store. Big plus... It's near several other antique stores. We make a whole day of searching for just the right item!"

"Lots of things to look at, and pretty good prices, I think that it's my favorite antique shopping experience."

"This place is well organized and clean! They have a fantastic collection of booths and offer a lot of variety!"

"Absolutely some of the coolest off the Wall stuff you've ever seen! 👍"

"So much to see, so little time! We found a few things to buy and surely would have found more except the road to my family was beckoning us. Seemed as if everywhere I turned there was another room ahead waiting to be explored. Will definitely have to make a return trip someday! Wonderful, friendly, helpful staff!"

"Love Hog Creek Antiques. This place is well organized and full of a lot of goodies. The staff is very nice and there to help you with questions and your needs, very polite. Will be going back to visit soon had a great time there."

"Brought back so many memories!"

"THE best antique store in Allen hands down. The owners are so kind and more importantly there is good quality stuff in here you cant cant find anywhere else. Prices are very reasonable!"



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