For Dealers

Patience Please as Dealer Space is Limited

We welcome new dealers to the Hog Creek Antique Mall family, but there is a waiting list for booths to open. Our structure is simple: you rent space from us and we sell for you. No commissions. Contact us to discuss your needs.

“Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Top Ten Tips for Successful Market Booths

  • Make sure your items are clean.
  • Create price tags that are readable, with simple descriptions and large print.
  • Do not clutter your booth.
  • Put like items and colors together and remember that bright colors draw attention.
  • Stage your items and use greenery to brighten your booth.
  • Make sure there is enough room for shoppers to get around in your booth.
  • Add light to draw focus to your booth.
  • Market things that are trending.*
  • Offer a variety of items to account for a wide range in people’s preferences.
  • Have fun!

*This link takes you to GingerChickRehab’s YouTube channel. She’s one of our dealers, and in the linked video, she tours Hog Creek Antiques.

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